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DCA and Lemon juice - mix the 2 together???? - Oracle a
Hi guys, I have noticed that some of you promote lemon juice to alkalize the system. I am wondering if it is OK to mix the lemon juice ...
Deb Ontario May-15-12 02:42 AM
by scott4836
7 1686  
Visual Hallucinations With Brain Tumor and DCA
Ok guys, I am new, I did look for a thread like this but can't find one. Ive seen that hallucinations are pretty rare with DCA treatment but I w...
JEFFneedsHELP Mar-19-12 02:51 PM
by dimitrisk2
1 1032  
Anaplastic Ependymoma
My 12-year old daughter has anaplastic ependymoma since 2009. She had surgery and radiation therapy, but she developped new metastases. She is now o...
Christine1 Mar-02-12 03:29 PM
by dimitrisk2
1 912  
DCA and organic Germanium
Hi altogether, does anybody here know, if you can take organic Germanium together with DCA? NOT at the same time, but maybe some hours befor...
goodchance Jan-09-12 11:46 AM
by dimitrisk2
1 675  
Can anybody tell me is it ok to take dca after the expiration date? the date is 1.october this year.. thank you in advanced...
sos123 Jan-09-12 11:38 AM
by sos123
2 736  
Bile Duct Cancer
My mother has bile duct cancer CA 19-9 was approx 1100 after taking DCA for a month it spiked to 3300. The Onc. said my mothers liver fuction im...
Merlin Nov-30-11 01:27 PM
by Merlin
0 864  
lung cancer
i have just had to re set from michaela to franky ...
franky 123 Nov-11-11 05:42 AM
by franky 123
0 739  
Does anyone have experience with using DCA with acute myeloicytic leukemia? Or other forms of leukemia?...
w bunge Oct-25-11 12:31 PM
by w bunge
0 643  
DCA and blood transfusions
Hello all, I am fairly new to this forum. A family member of mine has recently begun treatment with DCA, I was wondering if anyone had the ex...
dgsp Oct-12-11 02:21 PM
by dgsp
0 709  
Any success with DCA treatment for bone cancer?
Hi all, Thanks for the great web site. My friend suffers from bone cancer - lower spine and pelvis - and we are looking for information a...
zmom May-25-11 12:50 PM
by zmom
0 862  
Okay I've seen alot of people posting on here from O7 O8 09 and some in 10 but have there been any followups? Are theses people still alive? :...
missangee May-14-11 00:30 AM
by surfer_2001
1 1013  
Looking for a doctor
Hi - My mother has stage 4 lung cancer, and I'm trying to find a doctor in the Hamilton, Ontario area that would work with DCA and conventional ...
buster61 May-11-11 12:42 PM
by dimitrisk2
1 780  
Hi Please can anyone tell me where to buy Tributyrin Were in Australia. Thanks In Advance Jon...
mytry Mar-09-11 09:39 PM
by mytry
0 665  
DCA, tiredness, brainstem glioma
Hi Everyone, My wife has been taking DCA as part of a trial for three months. She is CONSTANTLY fatigued from the DCA and I was wondering...
dustin Feb-28-11 05:05 AM
by oracle
1 1160  
anyone in the forum??...
zehra Jan-31-11 09:39 PM
by zehra
0 704  
DCA with other meds ?
Hi my husband is a late stage GBM patient. Docs have said no further hope, and are only offering pallative care. He has started hiccuping 3 days ago...
anoifpete Jan-26-11 09:39 PM
by anoifpete
0 778  
Avastin and DCA together?
My wife is after surgery and radiation and is presently on Avastin. The brain tumor is very small per MRI but they say she still has some swelling th...
Goral Jan-19-11 09:39 PM
by Goral
0 851  
Any new information for 2011?
My Aunt was just diagnosed with stage4 cancer. And Im sure if not all but many of you quickly began researching and spending hours at a time looking ...
Lkn4cure Jan-13-11 09:39 PM
by Lkn4cure
0 771  
How long?
How long does it take before you see results? I'm also using it as a treatment for pulmonary hypertension. If anyone has any facts regarding that...
Billibill1 Nov-05-10 07:42 AM
by dustin
1 1239  
DCA is
Maybe I'm missing something here... One news clip I watched talked about it costing "pennies per dose". The main sections of this sit...
IIB Oct-15-10 10:00 PM
by KlausBreuer
1 887  
99% pure DCA powder - how to take? How to store after
Hi folks out there, I am writing from Germany and want to ask you a question on DCA. I found a pure DCA powder: %...
goodchance Oct-06-10 03:14 AM
by KlausBreuer
2 2551  
What does real DCA taste like?
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help my family out with some questions regarding DCA. Just out of the blue My 59 yr old...
nicholasjames1979 Sep-30-10 11:19 AM
by nicholasjames1979
0 1044  
Stage 4 esophogeal cancer
I am familiar with DCA when my father was end stage nonhodgkins and unfortunately the FDA kept the med till my father could no longer swallow. Now a ...
jensut Sep-24-10 01:52 AM
by jensut
0 837  
Concerning people who have successfully treated their cancer with DCA, do they follow a restricted diet, consuming vegetables and small amounts or...
shirley1012 Jul-26-10 01:03 PM
by shirley1012
0 885  
small cell ovarian cancer
Hi there, am new on here and trying to find any info on whether this product would have any effect on small cell ovarian cancer..Has anyone used it%...
sarahb1 Jul-15-10 01:19 AM
by sarahb1
0 882  
Mixing DCA with juice
I am mixing a gram with juice and drinking half in morning and half at night. Is this OK? Does storing half the juice for 8 hours in a refrigerator ...
robmx Jun-29-10 11:37 PM
by robmx
0 807  
Freezing for Storage
In March 2007 Oracle asked if DCA could be stored by freezing. The response appeared to be "colder is generally better" along with "Tests have ...
Mark May-30-10 00:46 AM
by Mark
0 821  
DCA and antioxidants
Can I take antioxidants while taking DCA? What about Glutathione?...
Casey May-05-10 09:46 PM
by Casey
0 926  
hi my mum has bone cancer all over her body she has kidney cancer which has spread to her liver and has defused the liver she has lost alot of her wei...
soroush May-03-10 10:00 PM
by soroush
0 909  
DCA and supplements and food
Hi, I'm just starting to take DCA (with B1 and Black tea)and I'm wondering what supplements and foods other successful DCA users have t...
Cathy8888 Apr-19-10 11:16 AM
by Sandra
3 1465  
DCA & B17
I have stage 4 breast cancer that has spread extensivly to the bones. Diagnosed 1 year ago, and have finished one round of chemo. I did take DC...
Casey Apr-07-10 05:52 AM
by Casey
3 1435  
post pain
my wife was treated for breast cancer. she had chemo and radiation. it has been months since her last radiation treatment and in august she started ha...
orthoman Mar-27-10 05:43 AM
by orthoman
0 835  
fighting to live
chris & kathy,okay everyone,i have the dca in my wife will be starting out on 12mg/per kilogram of body weight.she will also be ...
cabrooks Mar-07-10 02:29 AM
by dimitrisk
1 1058  
DCA whats happining
I have followed DCA and used DCA since it was first discovered in Canada. I have not been taking it lately, (my health has greatly improved) bec...
petesarto88 Jan-21-10 03:47 AM
by petesarto88
0 1192  
Multitple questions regarding gastric cancer
Hi Guys, just to give you the heads up, this post is not about DCA, although we are considering adding it at some point. None the less we are lo...
xrayon Jan-11-10 09:38 AM
by dimitrisk
11 1858  
Uveal melanoma
Does anyone have any experience with the use of DCA for uveal melanoma? Most people haven't heard of this cancer, so I'll explain a...
John Milem Jan-06-10 12:59 PM
by John Milem
0 872  
Iron deficiency Tx while on DCA
My mother has rectal cancer with secondaries in her lungs and thoracic spine (T11). She underwent five days of high dose radiotherapy to her pel...
KylieOz Jan-03-10 03:01 PM
by Sandra
4 1355  
Hi can anyone desperately help? how do I work out dosage of dca for my hubby? He weighs 94kg. Do I just mix it with water. My hobby quickly needs ...
gsx 1100 Dec-31-09 10:39 PM
by admin
2 1096  
Hi, I am new at this, having started taking DCA 3 days ago using dosgaes worked out from reading Laurine Kress's web page, also using Vit...
liz berry 49 Dec-17-09 02:58 PM
by admin
4 1108  
Hoarseness as a side effect?
Can anyone tell me if they have had experience with hoarseness as a side effect while using DCA? My dad has been using the DCA protocol f...
dew88511 Dec-17-09 08:15 AM
by KylieOz
5 1344  
hi new to researching DCA
Hi this is my first time on a DCA forum I only discovered DCA 3 days ago by typing cancer cure into OK history I am a single ...
susiebriz Dec-09-09 03:04 AM
by susiebriz
0 913  
Liquid DCA
Has anyone ever used liquid DCA? Do I mix it with water like the sodium? or is it injected. ...
bgranger Dec-04-09 10:29 PM
by Sandra
10 1693  
Using DCA prior to surgery
Hi, I've put a post in the general discussion, however, my question related to surgery hasn't been answered so I thought I'd try another t...
KylieOz Nov-28-09 01:54 PM
by KylieOz
2 953  
Hi all, Has anybody tried IV Vit. C and DCA, or DCA and TM? Can DCA, VIT C and TM work togheter or are there any issues with this c...
andrew70 Nov-10-09 01:31 AM
by andrew70
7 1529  
Bowel Movement Blocked??
Hi all, I started reading this forum recently, and from many positive testimonials here have decided to schedule a meeting with Medicor...
chikachy Oct-14-09 10:37 AM
by zehra
3 1201  
Blocking Metastasis by controlling acidity
Hi, I was reading up on your forum on the way DCA works. It sounds like a miracle drug. I myself have stage IV colon cancer with metastas...
Gup Oct-10-09 05:53 AM
by oracle
2 1344  
DCA usage question
Back in late April I had a return of colon cancer or possibly a new lung cancer and documented it here. Still waiting on a second opinion from Sloan K...
robmx Oct-04-09 12:32 PM
by robmx
5 1402  
Blocking Metastasis by controlling acidity
Hi, I was reading up on your forum on the way DCA works. It sounds like a miracle drug. I myself have stage IV colon cancer with metastas...
Gup Dec-- 05:53 AM -1 1027  
Hello, I am going to try to make this short so bare with me. A little more than a year ago my father was diagnosed with smal...
Nik_A_414 Sep-28-09 00:32 AM
by Nik_A_414
0 1030  
36mg/kg/day - 3 day on, 7 off
Hi, As per the subject line, has anyone experienced this regieme of DCA? (36mg/kg/day - 3 days on, 7 off) My sister does no...
Simonb11 Sep-09-09 02:55 AM
by Simonb11
0 924  
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