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DCA and Radiation Effect Complete Long Term Remission o
Recently Medicor Cancer Centres released a journal paper demonstrating an impressive result. DCA in conjunction with radiation led to a long term (...
mwiner Nov-07-12 02:09 AM
by mwiner
0 757  
DCA and Vidaza
Bob Miller asked me to post the following message. I suggest to anyone that has problems posting, to create a new account and try again. ==...
dimitrisk2admin Jul-31-11 09:22 PM
by dimitrisk2
1 925  
U of A Glioblastoma Trial Paper
Full Text:
Sandramoderator Dec-29-10 01:03 PM
by dimitrisk
6 1488  
DCA and Cisplatin/Cervical Cancer
Abstact of in vitro study of DCA with Cisplatin against cervical cancer HeLa cells
robmx Dec-07-10 05:55 AM
by robmx
0 779  
Phase II Study of Dichloroacetate (DCA) in Patients Wit
"The purpose of this study is to determine the response rate by RECIST criteria of oral dichloroacetate in patients with recurrent and/or metastat...
robmx Nov-30-10 10:36 PM
by rtshinn
1 982  
Not so good news
Talked to researcher Brenda Coomber today. Her work shows that DCA does not work with colon cancer. Well it did kill some colon cancer cells in normal...
robmx Nov-24-10 03:12 PM
by joeyooser
1 922  
Interesting Abstract
"The fact that DCA has better in vivo activity than in vitro activity suggests that there are unique aspects of solid tumor growth and metabolism th...
robmx Nov-16-10 01:19 PM
by robmx
0 717  
DCA and Platinum Compounds
Maybe someone will understand this better than I can.
robmx Oct-18-10 05:21 AM
by joeyooser
1 811  
New Molecules
Here is a study of less toxic dichloroacetate analogues though they would have to be tested to see if they have any affect in vivo I guess. ...
robmx Oct-07-10 11:30 AM
by khg
4 887  
China Study of DCA
Interesting study in China
robmx Jul-10-10 02:45 AM
by robmx
0 965  
New DCA study with negative results
They talk of DCA not working as well in an hypoxia environment and actually promoting cancer growth in some hypoxia affected areas of a tumor. %0...
robmx Jun-07-10 09:24 PM
by Sandra
1 1231  
Other names are NutraSweet, Equal and Canderel. Aspertame is a precursor to phenylalanine, which is a precursor to tyrosine. Tyrosine is the pre...
Sandramoderator Dec-26-09 10:07 PM
by prime3end
4 1830  
DCA and ketogenic diet?
DCA and ketogenic diet? Sorry if repeat, but my post didn't show up anymore. Dear all, I have recently had a minor recur...
Andrew Yassin Oct-10-09 06:04 PM
by algarve7
6 3459  
Thiamine and Benfotiamine and DCA
DCA and caffeine deplete thiamine. We have seen reports of confusion from DCA use. Thiamine (and NOT Benfotiamine) can likely reverse these. %0...
Sandramoderator Sep-08-09 11:38 PM
by Rotnoc2009
2 1872  
Another reason to use benfotiamene
Not only is it useful to prevent dca side effects it also suppresses the inflammatory molecule NF-KB which is one of the major drivers of cancer growt...
Mack Aug-08-09 00:41 AM
by Sandra
2 1115  
Research Notice: Social Practices of DCA Therapy
Research Notice Social Practices of DCA Therapy Declaration of intent to carry out...
nzhelen Jul-30-09 04:17 PM
by nzhelen
0 1051  
This paper further elucidates the Mitochronrial action of DCA: Mitochondrial mutations contribute to HIF1alpha accumulation via increased...
CALEB 1 Jun-30-09 04:02 AM
by Sandra
1 1169  
Mountain Dew
I was reading the successful report by Tim and the very small protocol he used successfully being dca, green tea extract and B1 all taken once a day...
Mack Jun-30-09 04:18 AM
by Sandra
3 1407  
Why does DCA fail in some?
My thought is that dca will work where the ROS triggered apoptosis pathway based on cardiolipin and specific cellular lipid content is intact. Once DC...
Mack Apr-28-09 07:05 AM
by Mack
9 14932  
DCA and the MAAI pathway [View All]
The following is all highly speculative and a bit rushed. I've tried to find a reason as to why some people have done really really well on dca at t...
Mack Apr-10-09 06:01 AM
by crono5
32 6078  
Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms of Prevention
New Study:
adminadmin Mar-31-09 03:35 AM
by admin
0 1460  
Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency
Just thinking: Most people on DCA experience side effects that include fatigue, muscle weakness. DCA prevents glycolysis by inhibiting pyruva...
AlohaBoy Feb-26-09 07:59 AM
by rtshinn
3 1583  
Possible cause for PN and Fatigue
The heme precursor delta-aminolevulinate blocks peripheral myelin formation. Felitsyn N, McLeod C, Shroads AL, Stacpoole PW, Notter...
Sandramoderator Feb-26-09 06:05 PM
by Sandra
0 1131  
DCA and Metformin
Has anybody come across, or thought about the possibilities of the combination of DCA & Metformin? I just read about some trials w/metformin a...
AlohaBoy Feb-17-09 03:21 AM
by Sandra
2 1402  
DCA and acetyl l carnitine
While going through my science feeds today I came across this article:
Mack Jan-28-09 00:10 AM
by Mack
27 6400  
DCA Toxicology Paper
I've been reading through this paper: And I believe that B6 should be a...
Sandramoderator Jan-26-09 00:40 AM
by didierphmartin
15 2153  
University Of Alberta
I am wondering how many doctors and researchers and other universities are interested in the work Evangelos Michelakis is doing. I bet a good strateg...
Stanely M.. Oct-02-08 02:44 AM
by jamesawick
9 5061  
DCA Improves metabolic function Valens Pharma Ltd.
A link to the article out of Edmonton, Canada
dennis123g Jul-29-08 06:07 AM
by dennis123g
0 1123  
Harvard Medical DCA report
A new study from Harvard medical School very encouraging follow the link .....
dennis123g Jul-08-08 10:22 PM
by dennis123g
0 1306  
Protective effect of dichloroacetate in a rat model of
One gentleman from polish glejak forum who’s Dad was diagnosed with GBM IV along with brain ischemia was wondering does dca may be used when such i...
crono5 Jun-07-08 04:22 PM
by crono5
0 1268  
Dichloroacetate (DCA) sensitizes both wild-type and ove
Abstract Background Bcl-2 protects cells from apoptosis and provides a survival advantage to cells over-expressing this oncogene...
satx Jun-05-08 02:03 PM
by satx
2 1251  
DCA administration increases skeletal muscle free gluta
Acute dichloroacetate administration increases skeletal muscle free glutamine concentrations after burn injury. full paper: http:%...
crono5 May-19-08 07:14 AM
by satx
2 1403  
DIA: Di-Iodine Acetate
There's a lot of research been done regarding DCA lately, but I've yet to see any research done on possible natural analogs that could mirror or...
Morlock_Man May-18-08 09:35 PM
by dimitrisk
3 1836  
Dichloroacetate (DCA) reduces brain lactate
Dichloroacetate (DCA) reduces brain lactate but increases brain glutamine in experimental cerebral malaria: a 1H-NMR study http:/...
crono5 May-10-08 07:04 AM
by crono5
0 1152  
metastatic postate to brAin, lungn spinal fluid
My husbands cancer has gone wild. He has been in the hospital for 7 days now. He has lost speech, cannot eat. His prognosis poor. I am getting s...
1kiersten Apr-29-08 05:30 AM
by 1kiersten
7 1690  
Harvard Medical School
Is DCA quack medicine??? Draw your own conclusions but these "discoveries" now being touted by researchers at Harvard MS sure sou...
incomingduck Mar-24-08 03:43 PM
by Searcher11
6 2427  
Treatment of Mitochondrial Cytopathies using DCA!
Here is the link to the full studies but I am pasting the critical piece below. %...
oracle Mar-20-08 11:27 AM
by oracle
0 1163  
Smac-ing Lung Cancer to Death- a derivitive of DCA?
I found this article link: It is on Dr Wang and this person I beleive is the other p...
oracle Nov-20-07 04:34 PM
by oracle
0 1330  
Prevention of Dichloroacetate (DCA) Toxicity
Thought this might be of some help and interest. Been busy with my wifes condition but have been checking all posts as often as I can. My best wishe...
RJason Nov-04-07 01:13 AM
by Jim
1 1445  
Well Done Health Canada
As you probably know from other posts, a Phase 2 clinical study has begun in Canada after Health Canada approved it recently. This appear...
pfezziwig Oct-09-07 10:52 PM
by admin
3 1623  
Canada approves DCA clinical trial for brain cancers ...
caroline Sep-27-07 09:21 AM
by caroline
0 1309  
sorry if this is a repeat message but felt the need to draw attention to something important in the UK: Visit the following link to sign ...
***elliott*** Aug-16-07 04:26 PM
by David H B 142
2 1629  
DCA enhances effectiveness of TPZ
According to a latest research published on PNAS,104(22), 9445-9450(May 29, 2007), DCA can increase the effectiveness of hypoxia targe...
yuzai Jul-06-07 10:05 PM
by yuzai
0 1282  
News Release
Dr.M .....may just be a genius,..... copy and paste the below into your browser this article has just been published , let's pray he is on the r...
dennis123g Jul-04-07 04:55 AM
by dennis123g
0 1409  
DCA and Bladder Cancer
I would like to know if anyone has used DCA as a treatment for bladder cancer. My doctors have exhausted their repertoire of proven treatments for my ...
reeves1 Jul-04-07 02:57 AM
by Sandra
1 1716  
Metabolic Targeting... STKE Science Magazine
Metabolic Targeting as an Anticancer Strategy: Dawn of a New Era?
Sandramoderator Jun-05-07 11:43 PM
by Sandra
0 1531  
INFO ON DOSING, TOXICITY A study on dogs ...
umzuzu May-28-07 08:22 PM
by Dr McKinney
3 2018  
Are there other drugs similar to DCA?
First, a word of warning. I am not a doctor, pharmacist, biologist or chemist. We've some very clever people on this forum, so p...
Michael May-28-07 01:58 PM
by Dr McKinney
7 2422  
FOLKS - is there any single scans showing DCA Works?
I need this for my wife - she is doubtful - I am not but she does have a good point - why arent there any posted scans of any kind showing DCA has or ...
oracle May-08-07 00:26 AM
by incomingduck
1 1655  
International Agency for Research on Cancer
International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) - Summaries & Evaluations DICHLOROACETIC ACID (Group 3) **...
RJason May-08-07 01:13 AM
by RJason
0 1374  
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