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Conferences DCA Availability
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DCA in Ontario
I would like to update you guys that I was able to get pharmaceutical grade DCA from a pharmacy in Aurora, Ontario. The pharmacist ordered it from a...
newhope Apr-24-12 10:55 PM
by dimitrisk2
6 3627  
DCA in Sweden?
I have followed the debate about DCA for years, and forwarded articles to M.D.friends, but I did not expect to need the substance myself so soon.....
regrib Dec-18-11 01:58 AM
by simplyme
4 2241  
Side effects
I have been taking 1 gram a day of DCA since the beginning of June 10, with appropriate spacing, vitamin B1 and tea. I now have a fine tremor...
Pontus Dec-18-11 01:58 AM
by simplyme
1 3006  
Hello I live in Italy and I need DCA (4 my father). Where I can find it? I'm not sure that DCA available in website is...
Ottoetre Oct-31-11 11:28 AM
by Hopeful11
1 2954  
Where to buy DCA
Hi Everyone....was wondering where all of you buy your DCA from....? I have only found two that sell and am wondering if there is one that I am not ...
greenchickie Oct-03-11 04:44 AM
by Hopeful11
6 7301  
Proper DCA in Europe or anywhere else?
Hello, Where can one get supplied with pharmaceutical quality DCA in Europe, if not, in North America? Thanks ...
fanfan Sep-14-11 09:40 PM
by Hopeful11
3 2498  
selling DCA in vancouver
I am selling 100g of DCA in vancouver, Canada. I brought it for my mother but she passed before we recieved it. its good unt...
smishra1 Aug-30-11 02:15 AM
by smishra1
0 1914  
DCA available on
I bought 50g today!...
barney807 Mar-23-11 09:40 PM
by barney807
0 2876  
Have lots left over if someone needs it -
Please email me 0racleman@live if you need DCA. I have some left over from about 8 months back. Its been in a very cold place out of lights way. I t...
oracle Feb-28-11 09:40 PM
by oracle
0 2048  
Selling 50 grams
I bought it for my mother but it was too late and she could not take any capsules or pills no more so I never got to giving it to her (the cancer ki...
cancerkilledmymother Feb-22-11 09:40 PM
by cancerkilledmymother
0 1872  
Is this a legitimate website? Can anybody please go to this link and tell me if this...
CindyJ588 Jan-21-11 08:15 PM
by ThatCrazyPharmacist
15 5584  
dca 99%
hi everyone .rerently i bought some sodium dichloroacetate99%for one relative of mine .unfortunately she died .i have 150g left 2 bottles 1x100g 1x5...
smuca1 Dec-02-10 12:40 PM
by smuca1
0 1332  
sale of prescription drugs
We're sorry, but we are not going to allow prescription drugs to be sold on this site. Thanks for your understanding. Heathe...
nitka Oct-25-10 01:57 AM
by dustin
3 1601  
Please let me know where in EU I could buy DCA? Does anybody have experience to use it for metastasis of malign melanoma? %...
Maja_77 Oct-16-10 05:22 AM
by dnoakes
1 1734  
I have DCA
Hi I have 3 unopened 100g bags of DCA bought for my husband. Sadly it was started too late to help him. I paid 115 per bag. I live in the UK. If an...
gsx 1100 Aug-14-10 10:19 PM
by gsx 1100
0 1105  
God Bless - I have additional DCA that I would like to
Folks please let me know if you want some of the extra I have. I keep some around in case other local need it but I do seem to have plenty that is fro...
oracle Aug-13-10 06:17 PM
by Ada
2 1308  
Sourde of DCA
I see DCA being sold on Amazon from They say that you don't need a prescription for DCA. Is this true or are they talking of Canada...
robmx Jun-11-10 12:48 PM
by robmx
0 1366  
Looking for DCA I am stage 4e Mantle cell lymphoma wit
Hello, I am looking for a supply of DCA. I am a 52 year old female and I have kids, my youngest son just started dating! I have a strong will to...
JudyDowell Jun-10-10 02:16 AM
by Becca
9 2987  
Need DCA asap..
hi Everyone..My father is in really bad condition from lung cancer..i am looking for DCA..i live in USA..don't know where i can get it from.. My Dad...
kunalmandal May-25-10 00:41 AM
by admin
1 1479  
EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW Hello to all of you. I will post this message in many places throughout this cha...
daughter1n law May-23-10 04:51 PM
by Sandra
15 5216  
wanted DCA urgently
pls do mail me back...who can supply or knows where to buy DCA...please hear the prayer of dying patient...
kaushikmandal_nyc May-23-10 02:18 PM
by Sandra
1 1127  
My father was diagnosed with adenocarcenoma stage 4 he has lost 66 lbs in a very short period of time. The doctors say there is no cure and time is sh...
clhomeyer May-15-10 00:01 AM
by clhomeyer
0 1026  
I have 100g of DCA unopened left over if anyone is interested. I am in Australia....
candydog May-07-10 02:30 PM
by KylieOz
7 2118  
'buyDCA' and the FDA
When I attempted to visit this site on the 11 April 2010 a message appeared - 'site closed by the FDA'. At the time of posting this site is still ...
Bob999 Apr-12-10 07:58 AM
by Sandra
1 1422  
Seeking info on DCA and prescribing physicians in Delhi
I want to connect with patients and doctors who have tried DCA in India, good or bad experiences welcome. Not yet ready to order till I ...
lungliverbone2010 Apr-08-10 06:02 PM
by dibc
3 1246  
DCA shipping fee
I'd like to buy DCA from but I'm surprised about the shipping fee. Can anyone tell me why it cost more than 90$ to ship 100 grams of ...
andrew70 Feb-15-10 10:28 PM
by Becca
1 1481  
Is DSA obtainable in the USA
aruydi Two elderly women, both friends of mine, have advanced cancer of the lungs and breast. They do not know how to use the co...
aruydi_10 Jan-29-10 12:55 PM
by aruydi_10
0 1299  
Help needed in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
My mom have a relapsed on her Colon cancer. I am trying to contact Dr. Sherman Xavier's who might be able to help. I have send him email but no rep...
GKid Nov-25-09 10:28 PM
by GKid
0 1010  
Help needed in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
My mom's colon cancer came back after seven years. The doctor have detected a tumour growth outside the colon near the rectal. There are also some...
GKid Nov-25-09 10:28 PM
by GKid
0 906  
Left over DCA (for sale) in Canada
Hi All, my Dad passed away due to brain tumour (glioblastoma multiforme) and I have some DCA and supplements for sale (purchased from a pharma...
nitka Oct-08-09 09:32 AM
by nitka
0 1908  
looking for some1 to ship me in usa
My mother is only 48 and has a Stage IV Glioblastoma Multiforme brain cancer. She has already failed chemo and radiation treatments. The tumor grew ...
aminjr Sep-30-09 11:44 AM
by Nekai
1 1291  
Left over DCA
My wife recently went home to be with the Lord, so I have several bottles of DCA left over. They came from the DCA site. If anyone is interested i...
msampl Aug-26-09 07:02 PM
by Kat_W
2 1343  
Help needed in Australia [View All]
Hi Everyone, I am living in Australia, (Parramatta, New South Wales). Does anyone know of a doctor/naturopath that is able to prescribe an...
Bree_1 Jul-21-09 02:07 AM
by Cass
34 8098  
A new wannabe DCA vendor has recently popped up on the 'net. Just a heads up that Natricel appears to be the same bad actor as, offe...
Sandramoderator Apr-18-09 02:56 AM
by Sandra
0 1261  
DCA Portugal
Hello, does anyone knows where to find DCA in Portugal? Does anyone knows if is a secure sourc...
Port Mar-12-09 02:33 PM
by rtshinn
1 1320  
where can i find it??
hi everybody. im from greece sorry for my english. just yesterday i heard about dca on the news.i gave attention because my father rece...
mary Feb-24-09 02:42 PM
by dimitris200
4 2795  
I need help getting DCA in the U.S.
My Father-in-Law has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and I was wanting to get some DCA and see if it would help. I am open to any information ...
Patrick Feb-24-09 05:21 PM
by Patrick
0 1855  
Information about doctors needed
Hello everyone, I have a friend in the Vancouver area that is wanting to find a doctor to supervise or prescribe her DCA. If anyone knows of d...
eponine Feb-10-09 05:47 PM
by eponine
0 1176  
Re-crystallized DCA from
Hi, dear all, I saw today on website listed a new kind of DCA which is called Re-crystallized DCA (ethanol extracted%...
davidportia Jan-22-09 07:00 PM
by davidportia
14 2816
Hi, Is authentic? Has anybody had experiences with them?...
simple21 Jan-21-09 07:11 AM
by Sandra
1 2499  
DCA for sale
My name is Dobre Mircea Radu from Romania: I order some DCA for my mother illness ( colon cancer with brain metastases ) from Jim Tassano.%...
bilutza_rules Dec-09-08 05:40 PM
by bilutza_rules
0 1958  
Sorry we can no longer do this on this site as we've had problems. Thanks, Heather...
bilutza_rules Dec-08-08 09:54 PM
by bilutza_rules
0 1612  
DCA for Turkiye. I have 70 grams left from my father. (
The rest is in Turkish: Baslik: Bir hastaya birkac ay yetecek kadar verebiliriz Merhaba, Biz Almanya ve Rusya'dan 50ser g...
ozgur7 Oct-19-08 10:12 AM
by ozgur7
0 1497  
Shut down by medical professionals.
My Mother is currently undergoing her final session of chemotherapy. After this there is nothing they can do for her. She took all the information t...
trish96 Sep-27-08 03:34 AM
by billn
1 1969  
Buy DCA in Canada
Well I am looking for a place to buy in Canada, and seeing that the University of Alberta Canada invented a cheap way to manufacture this, it woul...
Ravenise Sep-23-08 07:14 PM
by tomatoman
1 2899  
BEWARE of DCA Scammers
We have had a recent problem with a member, 1kiersten, saying "she" had DCA and another member paid her and did not recieve the DCA. Because o...
adminadmin Aug-30-08 10:11 PM
by jamesawick
1 1907  
DCA Source
Does anyone have experience with a web portal source that replies with an order acknowledgment from Office On The Net [office-on-the-net@mmsmiracl...
privateer Aug-29-08 01:22 AM
by privateer
0 1466  
My Wife died before using DCA . I would to recoup only costs. I have one 50 g of dca coming from germany and a packaging of 100 whit MMS kit comin...
Rosalidia Aug-22-08 07:05 AM
by admin
1 1879  
Probable source for Pet DCA
There is a website which is apparently going to be selling Pet DCA for cancer treatment. The site is not yet functioning. I emailed t...
John G Jul-30-08 11:55 PM
by Sandra
21 5375  
Payment for DCA to: ???
Dear All, I purchased DCA yesterday from, however I received no feedback from PayPal for payment, so I called them jus...
karel Jul-27-08 06:34 PM
by gece
6 2702  
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