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Hello everybody
I am here to tell you great news my mother in law ca 125 5 mtnhs ago was 60.03..Today we got great news and the ca is now 39.32..We are all celebratin...
mrsnasir Aug-28-07 03:53 PM
by mrsnasir
0 1055  
18 weeks and CEA marker and PET Scan Resutls
Dosage Information: DCA: 1/4+ teaspoon in 8 ounces of Lemon water - left out quecertin until we get some without Vitamin C in it. ...
oracle Aug-28-07 07:28 PM
by admin
7 1777  
Where are people getting DCA
My husband was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma (cancer of the bile duct). He went through surgery (the Whipple procedure) in March, and b...
dlucey3020 Aug-24-07 02:14 PM
by Ian 1952
2 1395  
16th week on DCA Stage IV Lung Cancer
This week: Dosage Information: DCA: 1/4+ teaspoon in 8 ounces of Lemon water with quecertin. She is p...
oracle Aug-20-07 07:39 PM
by prime3end
14 2391  
Hi everyone it has been awhile
mrsnasir My mother in law has stage 4 liver cancer metastic. Well she started the dca in april of 2007 and she is doing great the reports are coming ...
mrsnasir Aug-18-07 03:18 PM
by chrisz
4 1880  
Is the site finished? - no posting but mine on DCA
Since the FDA shutdown things everyoe has stopped posting results - real sad - anyway I guess I will still post but sure liked having more than one pe...
oracle Aug-16-07 10:02 PM
by admin
20 2528  
brain tumor glioblastoma
dear forum members i need to talk with someone who have the same problem of my boyfriend thank you silvia...
silvia Aug-14-07 06:41 PM
by admin
3 1400  
Medicore is accepting patients for DCA - not a study -
Now if their site is not a direct reflection our own results I will eat my own pants! ;-) - ok just kidding '-) Here is wh...
oracle Aug-11-07 02:54 PM
by silvia
5 5457  
I need help about DCA treatment for brain's tumor or glioblastoma. My friend now got off DCA. This treatment (1 gram a day) causes to him mental...
silvia Aug-11-07 04:06 PM
by silvia
0 1121  
15th week taking DCA with miraculous results!
Folks my wife has stage IV lung cancer lymphoma. The cancer was very aggressive and went to stage 4 in 12 months and my wife is a non smoke...
oracle Aug-04-07 03:34 AM
by oracle
15 2924  
On the Road to Recovery
I'm sorry if I don't have all the information some of you require but I felt compelled to post this message for those of you who interested. ...
pssadm Aug-02-07 05:43 AM
by rtshinn
1 1245  
esofagus adenocarcinoma
Sorry for my english. I started with DCA using 1 gr. per day in one solution without any apparent result. I dont know how I will be able to ...
Aramisfire Jul-30-07 08:39 AM
by admin
1 1111  
Prostate Cancer
On May 3 my PSA level was 93.0. I began an 1100 mg dosage of DCA on May 4 and was delighted to see my PSA drop to 88.0 on May 16. I had just finishe...
B. Brintnell Jul-30-07 04:44 PM
by parachute
5 1665  
Growth gone in 24 hours -saw it with co workers Friday
Folk I mentioned my friend with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in my other posts. Yesterday at work he came over to my office and showed me his arm and tol...
oracle Jul-25-07 03:30 AM
by oracle
3 1698  
If you or the patient you are supporting has used DCA, ...
A poll question: If you or the patient you are supporting has used DCA, ...
terrihunz Jul-24-07 08:48 PM
by oracle
3 1408  
Morphine and DCA
Hello everbody, I'm still writing a post about morphine and DCA. Somebody told me that his mother, which is on morphine, took DCA....
Xanthya Jul-21-07 00:53 AM
by oracle
5 1676  
Glucose, Cancer and DCA
Hi there, A bit of background: Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer. Surgery not possible. Chemo now not possible due to effects on the imm...
rosy64 Jul-19-07 08:04 PM
by Sandra
6 1514  
pili3 - what was that thai vitamin - the red oil in the
Driving me nuts - not knowing what that stuff is that was mentioned in her great results. Anyone have an idea on what that thai vitamin was? I have ...
oracle Jul-19-07 04:05 PM
by oracle
9 1595  
lung cancer
this is my first time e-mailing you with my story, i found out i had lung cancer nov/06, biopsey done dec26/06, have been turned down for su...
coach bill Jul-18-07 04:31 PM
by oracle
4 1632  
8 weeks on DCA, Anti-Oxidants, Chemo and Avastin
Greetings, I am a care giver and fan of an 90 pound fighter who's record is currently - Cancer Fighter with her apponent Stage IV L...
oracle Jul-18-07 03:19 AM
by DerekSmith
7 2453  
lung cancer
Feb. 13th I was told I had stage 4 lung cancer. I was told the average person would live approx 6 months at the stage I was at. I took 5 doses of radi...
tour Jul-17-07 01:37 AM
by oracle
7 2048  
Lungs and Brain Cancer
I just learn about DCA. My sixty years old sister has a Metastic Malignant Melanoma. It is a Nodular Metastic stage 4. A year ago she had...
nano10 Jul-13-07 09:46 PM
by nano10
0 1101  
Dad - NHL - Non Hodgkins lost battle
Hello all, I have been trying to keep everyone up to date on my father in law's progress and unfortunatly I believe we found out about ...
annie_lol33 Jul-12-07 10:27 PM
by oracle
2 1400  
DCA in weak patient
Hello all, Iíve been reading your postings. My dad has an adenocarcinoma spread to his bones. He is in very serious conditi...
Faber50l Jul-10-07 09:30 PM
by oracle
4 1721  
Tratamiento en Chile
Estimados amigos, no saben cuanto me ha costado poder escribir este correo. Lamentablemente no soy angloparlante por lo que solo leo traducciones. L...
Botrolhue Jul-08-07 00:13 AM
by Jesus Bortoni
7 2671  
A simple ongoing list of success
Obviously, the number of people visiting the website is increasing, as are the number of testaments. However, (and not unexpectedly), thes...
billn Jul-08-07 01:22 PM
by oracle
3 2166  
Folks when I took DCA I ended up with a sore throat in about 5 days and my wife is getting the same thing after 5 days. We had our doctors check PH an...
oracle Jul-05-07 02:31 PM
by satx
13 2349  
On DCA 2 weeks, no apparent results
background: my mom had a large breast cancer diagnosed over a year ago, about 7 months we learned it spread to the liver. Have been trying Xeloda ...
pfezziwig Jul-04-07 05:21 PM
by Sandra
1 1051  
DCA and Ocular Melanoma
My wife has ocular melanoma. We had the tumor carefully measured using an echogram. She took DCA for 4 weeks. We had...
mdeadly Jul-03-07 08:27 AM
by admin
7 1791  
I have been on DCA since 24 Apr, 2007. My blood test results are as follows: (hemoglobin & neutrophils). I began Chemo on 11 May. 10 M...
Cooper1 Jul-03-07 06:24 PM
by cybernaut
3 1372  
Study from 06/07: Fish Oil Does Not Help Prevent Cancer
Someone here - is stating the budwig diet does not work. They pasted some articles on their site and state FISH OIL is better than flax as a fact! %...
oracle Jun-29-07 09:53 AM
by oracle
0 1033  
Putting DCA to the test [View All]
My 42 year old daughter, Melissa, was diagnosed Jan 10th with advanced lung cancer. It was already in the mediastinum, supraclavicular nodes, ...
emily Jun-28-07 04:37 PM
by admin
52 13461  
Have you read this? Dear All, Have you read the information on the link concerning the Budwig diet, e...
Geri Jun-27-07 02:20 PM
by oracle
3 1167  
epidermoid carcinoma
Hi, I fight for three years with epidermoid carcinoma started on the tongue than spread to the neck than lung. Does somebody know if DC...
ewajanusz Jun-26-07 05:01 PM
by ewajanusz
0 783  
DCA and TLS Risk Factors
See the posting in GENERAL DISCUSSION section which is more appropriate than the TESTIMONIAL section. John A. Resarc...
John A Jun-26-07 04:04 AM
by Geri
2 1351  
DCA and side effects
Dear All! I would like to share with you my mother's experience so far and to ask your advice. She was diagnosed with breast cance...
Geri Jun-25-07 04:18 PM
by Geri
0 1036  
Cottage cheese - flax seed oil -DCA - coQ10 - Am I nuts
Folks here is the absolute facts - stage iv lung cancer lymphoma. went to stage 4 in 12 months and my wife is a non smoker only 31 yrs old. start...
oracle Jun-25-07 08:26 PM
by oracle
16 6436  
Fantastic news!
Hi Everyone, I have wonderful news about my mother's lung cancer! On May 29, her family physician contacted her with the great news that...
Elizabethhardyn Jun-24-07 10:00 PM
by Lieve
7 2693  
dourvas Jun-22-07 11:48 AM
by dourvas
2 1272  
Anyone in the UK that knows where to buy DCA from or anyone with stories of its use please post in here Thanks...
***elliott*** Jun-18-07 12:54 PM
by billn
15 4803  
New User Since Yesterday
Hi, my name s Aaron Mak, 56 years old with 4 stages of liver and lung cancers. I started using DCA yesterday with low dosage 200mg/day. Today ...
Aaron Mak Jun-13-07 08:56 AM
by annie_lol33
4 2745  
Colon Cancer- DCA 500mg day- week 4
status: 2 yrs since operation to remove tumor from colon. Colon cancer has spread to lungs, 2 courses of chemo have not stopped the cancers spr...
surfer_2001 Jun-12-07 06:58 AM
by Sandra
6 5032  
"Treatment" Week 2
Hi to all, End of 2nd week of DCA, I was taking a 1/4 of a teaspoon a day but cut that in half. I was having a problem with being extremel...
Tom S Jun-11-07 08:00 AM
by John A
2 1326  
Some informations and questions about how DCA may work
Hello dear DCA visitors, I was very reluctant to write this post, since talking about a cat may seem very ridiculous beside posts talking abo...
lorenzo Jun-11-07 10:30 AM
by Sandra
8 1984  
NaDCA side effects (mental/physical)
Melissa has been taking DCA, 25 mg/kg, since March 22. Her legs have now started tingling, she has lost all energy and is forgetful. She was...
emily Apr-26-07 04:53 AM
by John A
4 2252  
""testimonial of lung-cancer patient""
**ADMIN NOTE: I'm sorry, I accidentally deleted this; i'm reposting it** centurion unregistered user Apr-16-0...
adminadmin Apr-25-07 09:02 PM
by admin
7 2601  
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