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The story of Eric.
Hello everyone, First I appologise for my english (I'm from Belgium)I have put myself together and finaly wanted to tell the story ...
lange leng Mar-18-08 01:34 AM
by lange leng
12 2221  
Works For Me! [View All]
I have been lurking on this site from the beginning, but only now do I have anything to contribute. I had a prostatectomy 25 months ago - Gleason 7...
Iwiillwin Mar-14-08 04:08 AM
by Sandra
55 14756  
Oesophegus , lymph nodes and liverCancer
Hi Everyone, I have be following this site for some time now and feel it's time to add my testimonial. December 2006 I was di...
johnack Mar-12-08 09:22 AM
by johnack
0 1554  
Risk in the brein cancer and DCA?
Hi, My father was operated last wednesday from the infection that he had at the head. Everything went good and two days after the surgery...
LORENAPEFE Mar-12-08 10:36 PM
by oracle
3 1078  
DCA and tumor reduction in a ferret
Ok, I know this is a pet ferret that DCA was used on but I wanted to share the wonderful results. A short history.. I had posted earlier ...
fuzzymum Mar-11-08 03:47 AM
by lange leng
1 961  
MRI results
Here we are on our way to see her nerve specialist and we find out after last week, when we took our car in for an oil change and we have no car - b...
oracle Mar-06-08 04:13 PM
by admin
2 1034  
started DCA for stage IV nsclc
Hello, We have just begun starting DCA. My father is taking 10mg/kg of DCA each day in capsule form. He has stage IV nsclc with mets ...
mtran Mar-05-08 09:09 PM
by lange leng
10 1710  
black tea
Hello, Aparently DCA works best if you drink lots of black tea. Aparently this is made from tealeaves. Can anybody tell me where I can bu...
juliette Feb-23-08 03:35 AM
by admin
1 870  
DCA sideeffects
I feel people should know that although people are told that if anyone receives side effects, they should simply discontinue the DCA until it is out...
Shep Feb-09-08 06:50 PM
by Sandra
5 1358  
14 months Living with Stage IV Lung cancer - using dca
Its been a long road and we have more time to go yet but we are hoping this next scan will prove to show no more of this critter. Lien is n...
oracle Feb-06-08 06:59 PM
by oracle
4 1624  
prostate cancer
I've been on DCA since 12. January, dosis : 12 mg/kg/day; until now, I have no side effects except for some back pain; I know the...
luke Jan-29-08 08:38 PM
by ggasu
7 1160  
Well my husband has been handling the DCA so far but still early times. Nearly 2 weeks. He has increased dose to 35mg/kg day. Had some confusion,a...
g froland Jan-29-08 04:45 AM
by luke
4 1189  
Good News on Rare Cancer Update
Sheila I first posted on Q/A on Oct. 19/07 about my mother-in-laws rare cancer. Then on Nov. 2/07 I posted on this site after she ha...
Sheila Jan-23-08 06:21 PM
by oracle
5 1608  
rare cancer update
Thank You for your posts with questions and well wishes for my mother-in-law. We are still in awe of Dr. Khan's email stating that there is no recu...
Sheila Jan-23-08 09:56 PM
by oracle
2 1455  
Starting DCA [View All]
Hello everybody, Diagnostic: Stage IV lung and liver cancer Current treatment: Gemzar (Gemcitabine) Weight: 86 pounds...
Xanthya Jan-22-08 08:33 PM
by Xanthya
33 8753  
U 0f A's trials
Someone else has died from Dr. Michelakis' clinical trials:
Sandramoderator Jan-15-08 11:20 PM
by Tomi
6 1756  
prostate cancer with metastases
Hello, I'm 47 and have been a cancer patient for over 6 years : prostate cancer with metastases in the lymphatic system, my skeleton is still ...
luke Jan-12-08 07:46 PM
by luke
0 1020  
Latest great report on DCA
Just a quick report. Cough - gone - YES! - This I think we hang around as long as she is on Avastin every other week. PH: 8....
oracle Jan-11-08 05:08 AM
by oracle
12 2354  
December is our one year mark of Cancer
Lien is doing really good now but we still have an issue with her eating to much white rice and her PH being way to low now. She used to have a 7+ p...
oracle Dec-27-07 05:40 AM
by oracle
7 3882  
6 month update on DCA
Hello folks, things are going very well right now and we found she stops all coughing if she takes an alergy pill! wow her body ...
oracle Dec-18-07 02:21 PM
by oracle
4 4139  
Update on progress - DCA notes from John the chemist
Hello folks I am updating my wifes progress and wanted to remind everyone about John the Chemists recommendations about rasing your PH and his warning...
oracle Dec-18-07 08:06 AM
by oracle
2 3918  
1/4 teaspoon of DCA - Cancer activity
Just got back from a PET/CT and it is showing a bit of actvity in the bone and in her lungs. What a terrible thing to see. arrrg her PH was down to ...
oracle Dec-04-07 09:03 PM
by oracle
21 5969  
More testimonials please
Dear all, It seems that many people who have had positive results with DCA do not post on this site. The few that do, provide great lea...
Tomi Nov-30-07 04:47 PM
by Sanzio
9 4354  
My good neighbour is desperate to continue his DCA
I have a wonderful neighbor who was a great man long before he was diagnosed with cancer of the liver. When this happened it seemed so unfair as he ...
hwiddows Nov-13-07 08:19 PM
by admin
3 1160  
If i can get a prescription from a vet
Can I buy this in Canada and have it shipped to the US? How long do you think it will take the attorney's with the wording? My son's dog has...
meshach Nov-13-07 02:06 PM
by admin
1 1117  
weekly Update on DCA
Well we have continuing good news: Folks as you know most of us are working on stability issues and trying to find ways to do it. I find ...
oracle Nov-08-07 05:34 PM
by oracle
0 1074  
Hi, I am 47 and was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease in 2002. I have never been in remission. I have gone through 6 different treatments....
witness Nov-06-07 04:32 PM
by oracle
4 1435  
DCA Protocols for Wife
Hello Folks, I do tend to be a bit of a layman here and do run on sentences so its hard to do everything in a doc but I will try to place...
oracle Nov-04-07 02:54 AM
by oracle
0 1184  
rare cancer update
On Oct. 19th I posted in the Q/A Forum about my mother-in-law. She has now been on DCA since Oct. 12th. The first two weeks she took 500mg. t...
Sheila Nov-02-07 05:05 PM
by oracle
2 1069  
5 and 1/2 months on DCA - Critcal Update
Greetings Folks I ahve some very important data I think to contribute: My wife strayed a bit from her PH protocols and got a bit cocky ig...
oracle Nov-01-07 02:31 PM
by Vern
29 2740  
Starting DCA
Hi Everyone, I have to admit that I have been reading this site faithfully for the past two weeks, hoping that someone on here will hav...
hopefulNL Oct-26-07 11:39 PM
by oracle
3 1100  
4.5 months on DCA and 1 PET and 1 x-ray on 2 weeks,
Stage IV Lung Cancer with tumors all over the place like in her liver, both lungs all over her lymphatic system and even a mass in her liver(just ...
oracle Oct-18-07 05:16 PM
by oracle
20 3668  
5 months on DCA and Going Strong
Folks my wife has a cough that is slowly going away using an antibiotic. The cough has taken its toll but she did put a pound and a half on this last ...
oracle Oct-14-07 06:31 AM
by oracle
2 1129  
The DCA did not work for my friend Karen, I have seen that DCA has worked for others with the same type cancer as Karen. Karen was...
Earlz Oct-13-07 01:09 AM
by Earlz
3 1405  
Magnesium Oxide deficiency
My friend Karen decided to no longer use the DCA because of the side effects, DCA was Karen's last chance. I have seen other's here a...
Earlz Oct-08-07 02:34 PM
by Sanzio
7 1300  
Bile Duct Cancer Patient results
Bile Duct tumor reduced 50 percent! Copy of doctor’s report at %...
adminadmin Oct-04-07 11:31 PM
by admin
0 963  
DCA results
Started taking dca June 11, about a quarter teaspoon a day plus 500mg of vitamen B1. Had a CT scan 2 weeks ago with the results given the 28th of Au...
tour Oct-01-07 01:22 AM
by Earlz
19 6048  
Glioblastoma Multiforme (57 years). We need DCA. Spain.
My father has a glioblastoma. Our doctor anuled the quimiotherapy because now he is very Weak. We're trying to buy DCA in Spai...
cuidatujardin Sep-29-07 10:03 PM
by areyesgo
4 2600  
Italian Scan Results (link)
We just uploaded a scan result showing shrinkage of a non small cell lung tumor, along with complete disappearance of a liver and brain met. %0...
adminadmin Sep-28-07 10:22 PM
by Margot
10 1915  
News On Karen
Karen went into a coma probably from taking some pain pills she had smuggled into the palliative care unit, she haS done this before. Kar...
Earlz Sep-21-07 00:54 AM
by chrisz
3 1317  
Good Days are over right now - bad news - maybe ?
PET last week showed no cancer left but a small spot - all clear and they were saying about 3 months and she looked good. Right after the p...
oracle Sep-20-07 05:48 PM
by oracle
11 2185  
4 months on DCA and chemo
Hello FOlks My wife still ahs no cancer spread and its good stuff but something I have to say is this: Cancer Type: St...
oracle Sep-16-07 05:43 PM
by oracle
2 1440  
PET using DCA
I am in 4th week using 10 mg/day of DCA. In addition I started a chemio protocol 2 weeks ago. My question is if DCA modify the sugar cells capt...
Aramisfire Sep-13-07 10:34 AM
by admin
2 1234  
put mixed DCA on tumor..???
Hello, My mum has epithelia carciona, tumor is near jawbone with metastasis to her lungs and near to spine, Me and my family give her...
kubusia Sep-10-07 10:47 AM
by oracle
12 2005  
No new from Oracle since august 2nd?...
Sanzio Sep-07-07 12:00 PM
by chrisz
3 978  
Update on 4 weeks DCA Usage For Stage IV Lung Cancer
Greetings, so far my wife has been taking DCA for about four weeks now. the dosage is between 1/8 and 1/4 teaspoon per day. She h...
oracle Sep-07-07 03:10 PM
by oracle
9 2838  
Successful Results [View All]
My father Terry who is 62, was diagnosed in September of 2006 with a very rare form of bladder cancer called adenocarcinoma which is only found in 1...
Joy Sep-06-07 02:27 AM
by Earlz
55 20244  
Didn't work for me
Took 1/4 tsp DCA for 6 weeks along with the usual q-10, vits, grape extract, etc. According to the PET scans the tumors (colon cancer sprea...
tmccasland Sep-06-07 03:56 AM
by truthofcancer
6 2036  
DCA results
Started taking dca June 11, about a quarter teaspoon a day plus 500mg of vitamen B1. Had a CT scan 2 weeks ago with the results given the 28th of Au...
tour Dec-- 01:22 AM -1 816  
Re: DCA sideeffects [View All]
I began using DCA for Stage IV breast cancer, mets to bone, lung and lier, 19 days ago. We tried several MDs but no one would prescribe or be re...
robinson Aug-28-07 03:16 PM
by mrsnasir
49 11451  
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