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Non-Hogekins Lymphoma Mantle cell using DCA [View All]
Hello all, I am a 52 year old female with mantle cell cancer. I have Non-hogekins, B cell sub category mantle cell Lymphoma with bone ma...
JudyDowell Oct-08-12 11:16 AM
by kmpatterson
39 12449  
Our fight Our Protocol
July 12, 2010- Diagnosed with brainstem glioma. Started Dca (16mg/kg) B1 Pomagranate extract "greens" green tea extract...
dustin Oct-14-11 01:36 AM
by jalosins
10 3183  
DCA's Effects on Multiple Lipoma Tumors
My father is a physician here in Las Vegas. I was diagnosed several years go with multiple (24 at last count)Lipomas, small fatty tumors under t...
Alchemist Oct-03-11 04:46 AM
by Alchemist
4 3205  
Ovarian Cancer Stage III DCA + B17 but No Chemotherap
My wife, Lin, who is 64 years old and a Vegan for 25 years, was diagnosed with Stage III Ovarian Cancer in November 2009. Following this diagnos...
Bob999 Sep-29-11 10:58 AM
by CMBCliff
12 5218  
Nothing new since december 30th?...
Sanzio Apr-20-11 09:37 PM
by domik007
2 1073  
DCA causes depression at high dose
My sister takes DCA for the last two years without any side effects. It looks like it works for her case but at doses higher than 25 mg/Kg. %0...
dimitriskadmin Nov-25-10 02:31 PM
by Vitaminboss
7 2748  
Latest on my metastatic colon cancer [View All]
I reported back in May that I might have lung cancer and later that I had a recurrence of my colon cancer from an earlier diagnosis and removal of col...
robmx Nov-24-10 08:32 AM
by joeyooser
32 10824  
Real Evidence of Effective Use of DCA
Go to the link below to read my testimonial on a possible skin cancer and how it disappeared in 4 days. It's linked to another location on the DCA ...
WW22 Oct-19-10 12:35 PM
by brut7
11 4871  
Esophageal Cancer - My Wife
Just received our first shipment of DCA. My wife has never had chemotherapy or radiation even though we have first class health insurance. We have tri...
Bertram Oct-12-10 01:46 PM
by oracle
2 1956  
Clear Cell Sarcoma + DCA with side effects
Thought I would share my DCA experience. I am a 44 year old male. Excellent health, except for the cancer. I decided to go on to DCA despite the l...
haidagwaii Sep-27-10 07:16 PM
by waterlily
11 4331  
Dear forum members, I am from Germany and, as probably all of you, ordered DCA from My father was diagnosed with a glioblas...
nightingale Sep-04-10 09:52 PM
by valentinak86
26 5909  
Im going to try it.
What else can I loose? Nothing beats a failure but a try right? I was on Cisplatin and Etoposide and after my latest CT scan, discover that alth...
missangee Aug-28-10 11:35 AM
by missangee
0 1326  
Sharon died on May 19 at 1:10 am
In the pallitive care on Sunday. We celebrated our sons 20 th birthday. She had 2 pieces of cake. That night she told me she was ready. I kissed he...
david987 Jul-06-10 05:43 PM
by oracle
3 2610  
NSCLC survey
Hello all, My first post was on August 10, about my fathers cancer and his supplements. this is the link to my first post ...
zehra Jul-01-10 09:12 AM
by ELovvorn
6 2538  
non-small celled lung cancer
Hi everyone. Im new here, just signed up. My mother was diagnosed with non-small celled lung cancer in january and now has metastas...
Anette182 Jun-24-10 10:35 PM
by KylieOz
6 2661  
My mum's Bile Duct Cancer metastasized Liver Cancer - M
AFTER 3 WEEKS OF DCA FOLLOW BY 1 WEEK OFF, please comment if there is an improvement in her condition as i am not medically trained. My m...
disiaosiao Jun-10-10 08:31 PM
by disiaosiao
0 3316  
A teenagers story [View All]
Billn (Unregistered was 'Billy Bean') I decided to register as I've just started my son on DCA. Here is a quick resume of his sto...
billn Jun-01-10 10:53 AM
by brad_linda17_20
49 16461  
Lien passed away at 6:30 AM April 5th
It grieves me so much to let folks know that Lien passed away after a terrible fight with two ill - timed chemo's. She and I both believ...
oracle May-24-10 07:59 AM
by thylong
19 3698  
NSCLC with metastasis on spine
Hello everyone! I was a silent reader for few months, since my father (age 64) learned that his pain and swelling in his right arm ...
Vladimir May-13-10 05:28 PM
by Sandra
24 4323  
Prostate cancer
Hey guys, it's been some time since my last message but I may have some info for prostate cancer patients : I'm 49 and have had pro...
luke Apr-28-10 06:56 AM
by luke
2 2576  
small cell lung cancer
The DR. told us on Wednesday my wife has 2 weeks, a month or two. She has been taking dca for about 3 weeks before Wednesday April 07/2010%...
david987 Apr-13-10 07:07 AM
by david987
5 2807  
Breast Cancer metastasised to Lymph
I was diagonosed with Breast cancer in March 2009, I refused conventional medicine and develloped my own healthy lifestyle to combat the cancer. I t...
HellyLou Apr-12-10 07:27 AM
by Sandra
1 2438  
formerly labrat's wife- it's been a while
For those of you who have been here from the beginning, you will know me as labrat's wife. I can't find my original post anymore, but it was s...
somehope Mar-27-10 08:00 PM
by aurora
27 4036  
Rosie Update
Hi everyone, i'm looking for any info on DCA and Temodar. unfortuantly we are now at a not so great place and i am thinking of getting r...
chrisz Feb-25-10 03:40 AM
by dimitrisk
4 2043  
DCA does it again
Lien was looking really bad after her last Chemo that took our her blood counts, potasium etc. It was very bad and then she got thrash throat. She e...
oracle Feb-25-10 03:32 PM
by oracle
0 1974  
Dear Oracle
Dear Oracle, Several years ago, when the DCA site was first put up I began to follow Lien and your struggle with this scourge of cancer. Fro...
hardrock Feb-23-10 10:47 AM
4 1699  
Folks I wanted to let you know that after 3 years of fighting this decease and three remissive states Lien has hit a wall. We are increasing her DCA i...
oracle Jan-27-10 04:15 AM
by chrisz
5 1672  
Is it a known side effect?
I started DCA yesterday (10mg/kg) and got severe pain in my lower back and shoulder joints 10-15 minutes after each intake. Is it a common side ...
mem09 Dec-10-09 07:51 AM
by mem09
2 1594  
rossi Hi everyone. I started today with the DCA. Up until now I have been using black strap molasses and bicarbonate sodium (pharmecutical g...
monty_84 Nov-29-09 09:32 PM
by oracle
2 1564  
Well I eventually started 2007-05-30 [View All]
Yesterday I started using DCA in earnest. I thought I would report what I find weekly and, as I had some interesting symptomatic experiences alread...
cybernaut Nov-20-09 09:15 PM
by SergioBrazil
49 20856  
i was wondering how oracles wife was doing does anyone know ?...
KIM PARRIS Nov-16-09 10:40 PM
by oracle
9 2189  
NSCLC with spine and scalp mets
My 63 year old wife was diagnosed with nsclc in october 2008 which was removed by doing an upper left lobectomy. She now has mets to her spine, pel...
axus Nov-15-09 08:08 AM
by axus
0 1253  
Renal Cell Carcinoma
I was diagnosed with RCC on Thanksgiving 2005. Out with left kidney and huge (10.5 cm)Renal Cell Carcinoma on Dec. 1, 2005. Went on 50mg Sutent...
childressj Oct-31-09 04:23 AM
by doc
17 4565  
Our results so far
Hey where is everyone? Haven't seen much around here lately. I've held off telling our story for a long time now, since the story i...
rtshinn Oct-28-09 12:45 PM
by Sandra
3 2140  
Clinical trial
In response of my question, I just received a mail from University of Alberta, saying: "The first publication of the clinical trial is in the ...
Sanzio Oct-19-09 01:49 AM
by Sanzio
0 1622  
DCA Discussion Forum
What happened on this forum? All messages have disappeared since july 2007!...
Sanzio Oct-06-09 01:38 AM
by Sanzio
0 1350  
Hallo Everyone, i would like to ask some help to all of you as i decided to start dca as treatment for my mother. She is 67 and was ...
hope Sep-14-09 02:13 PM
by dew88511
2 1652  
Glioblastoma grade IV in remission - DCA+TM
First polish remission? Folks i'm happy to inform you about something what seems to be first polish glioblastoma remission, and first...
crono5 Sep-10-09 06:43 AM
by crono5
2 3401  
Stage 4 Lung Cancer - Rob O'Connor
(I'm posting this for Ina & Rob) Stage 4 Lung Cancer - Rob O'Connor On Jan 14th, 2002, Rob was diagnosed with Stag...
adminadmin Sep-07-09 07:24 AM
by inaoconnor11
7 2831  
Started DCA for Prostate Cancer [View All]
Since I just satrted DCA with good results I thought I should share my news and my journey with a new Testimonial. I will try to be accurate so I will...
Elias Sep-03-09 02:47 AM
by cooperge
33 11700  
Update NSCLC
Hi everyone, well it has been a little over three weeks since my diagnosis. I did find out that the suspected lymph node in my neck that showed up o...
daddio Aug-31-09 08:20 AM
by daddio
0 1337  
Accounts of P/N reversed or prevented
I need everyone's help here - I'd like to start a thread asking people to post here if they have found that a certain supplement (or supplements...
Sandramoderator Aug-23-09 10:05 PM
by zehra
13 5912  
stomach adenocarcinoma + mets in liver and lungs
Have just begun DCA treatment yesterday, 1 gram daily, divided into 250mg. capsules, 4x per day. Cancer was diagnosed in early March. Am 52 yrs....
monty Aug-02-09 07:50 PM
by Anna
5 3389  
Hi everyone...
My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in Jan 09, he finished his chemo and radiation in May 09. While taking treatment my dad lost about 70l...
niki_borde Aug-01-09 07:02 AM
by Sandra
6 1915  
Has anyone used DCA for mesothelioma?
I know I have already asked this questions a year ago but it is worth trying again. Is out there any direct experience about DCA used on mesothelioma ...
andrew70 Jul-29-09 06:15 PM
by Sandra
3 1870  
Jakke's Mother - Pancreas Cancer
My mother has also pancreascancer, diagnosed on 26 jan 2009.We started DCA as soon as possible, togheter with the chemo. The latest Pet-scan (la...
adminadmin Jun-30-09 10:16 PM
by Jakke
5 2141  
9 months and I am still doing GREAT !!!!
Hello World, I have been using DCA now for approximately 9 months. I received my last PET/CT scan on April 27th, 2009. Hence another clear PET%2...
luine78 Jun-18-09 02:57 AM
by luine78
5 2698  
Encouraging Blood Tests
Paul is an older gentleman with no access to a computer, so I'm posting this on his behalf... Paul M has malignant pleural mesoth...
Paul's Story May-28-09 09:57 PM
by andrew70
11 4447  
squamous lung cancer [View All]
Hi, Dear All, I have been in the forum for some day already seeking info about lung cancer. The final word has come yesterday that my dad has...
davidportia May-20-09 04:36 AM
by Mack
34 11306  
Prostate Cancer
Hi! My dad (58) was diagnosed with prostate-cancer in august 2006. He had a radical prostatectomy in september 2006. Because his psa ...
Roy Apr-29-09 08:49 AM
by Roy
22 5237  
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