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Clinical Research Trials
A leading Offshore clinical research solutions provide data mining services around the globe. We offer, 1. Opinion Leader Profiling ...
isuayesha Nov-29-11 01:16 PM
by kalpanaceo
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Key Opinion Leader Services for Clinical Research
Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) is a significant Thought Leader constituency for life science companies. KOLs interact with and expect coordination amon...
isuayesha Nov-29-11 01:16 PM
by kalpanaceo
1 843  
Hi everyone I was diagnosed with a stage 4 Mesothelioma in November 09. Having beaten Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma ten years ago I was afflicted with terr...
bill7777 Jul-27-11 05:16 AM
by bill7777
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Do you know of any clinical trials in India
Hello All. My mother has been diagnosed with GBM grade 4 and is very poorly. Discovering DCA has injected a huge note of optimism in our home. We...
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Better article on U of A DCA trial
Most objective article I've yet seen on the DCA trial at UA: "Promising brain cancer drug moves to human trials" http:...
parachuteadmin Jan-24-10 03:41 AM
by Sandra
2 2431  
UCLA trial with DCA for breast and lung cancer ...
Sandramoderator Dec-12-09 10:50 PM
by Sandra
0 1557  
Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Clinical Research Trial
This large trial is looking for patients with inoperable stage III non-small cell lung cancer(NSCLC). It is taking place in 30 countries worldwide...
phoebe2 Aug-15-09 06:20 PM
by zehra
2 1291  
I would love to hear success stories of DCA and breast cancer. I am newly diagnosed and bewildered. Thanks...
May6th2009 May-15-09 11:42 PM
by Sandra
1 1199  
Letter from "Dr M"
"We are very encouraged by these early results, and are now preparing to initiate additional clinical trials, in Edmonton and in collaboration w...
incomingduck Dec-05-08 10:04 PM
by incomingduck
0 1374  
dca clinical trials
is there any news on the clinical trials of dca. they are still doing the clinical trials?...
KIM PARRIS Nov-01-08 10:17 PM
by tommy
2 1621  
Anyone ever thought administering DCA through intraveno
I understand that everyone here in this forum is talking about using DCA through drinking it dissolved in water. Does anyone ever think administering ...
davidportia Jul-29-08 01:02 AM
by Sandra
3 1770  
new DCA trial at U. of Alberta
University of Alberta will start recruiting patients (15 all told) for a Phase 1 Newly diagnosed Glioblastoma trial, sponsord by the Alberta Can...
bleyco Jul-25-08 00:59 AM
by jamesawick
2 1614  
Currently Recruiting?
I stumbled across a link to another clinical trial on DCA. I don't know if it just hasn't been updated, but it says they are currently recruiti...
Sandramoderator Jun-04-08 00:05 AM
1 1382  
i just read that they have started clinical trials on dca at cross cancer institute and was wondering if anybody knows what the phase1 results are loo...
KIM PARRIS May-03-08 08:12 PM
by Sandra
1 1266  
does any body know any info on dca and human trial results did they even start human trials?...
KIM PARRIS May-03-08 02:06 PM
by Sandra
3 1782  
The Foundation Poieo would like to start clinical trials of the dca in Italy. It's seeking financial and group support. We are now t...
Poieo Feb-04-08 07:15 PM
by admin
3 1410  
Human Trials in 3 years using DCA
The intersting part is where they state a second person has been given funding to start testing DCA for Cancer on Animals! and to start tests on hum...
oracle Nov-17-07 05:25 AM
by oracle
0 1485  
Trials begin in Edmonton, Alberta
Clinical Trials have been announced in Edmonton. Link to full article:
Sandramoderator Sep-27-07 04:02 PM
by Sandra
0 1287  
DCA Update: Health Canada Approves First DCA Clinical T
DCA Update: Health Canada Approves First DCA Clinical Trial in Cancer Dated 9/24/07
Baud300 Sep-26-07 03:33 PM
by admin
1 1395  
Please post news & discussion regarding Medicor DCA usage under this thread. (I don't mean to be repetetive but here again is informa...
adminadmin Aug-16-07 11:03 PM
by admin
0 1472  
Hee is the link listing two older trials in 1998 for DCA and Lactic Acidosis. I also noticed two doctors had been awarded this and they are...
oracle Jul-30-07 11:18 PM
by oracle
2 1365  
Whats happening to DCA Trials
Firstly, I have been following this website for approximately 3-4 months. The people posting on this site, are in my view, amazing, particular...
Ashok01 Jul-30-07 07:48 AM
by bcsurvivor
3 2727  
clinical trials on animals
I would like to be updated on the trials in rats. The last news was that the tumor drastically shranked, but at the present are the rats still alive...
Aramisfire Jul-05-07 11:30 AM
by Aramisfire
0 1270  
Canadian Doctor taking DCA patients
[b]An article just published or being published sent to me from Google Alert's [/b] JUNE 30, 2007 VOLUME 4 NO. 12 %...
dennis123g Jun-27-07 03:08 AM
by dennis123g
0 3220  
DCA Testing Announced !!!!!!!!!!
The Cross Cancer Centre in Alberta, Canada, has announced that clinical trials for DCA will finally commence in May, 2007 . FINALLY !!!!...
johnc Jun-25-07 12:58 PM
by admin
10 3241  
Sixty tumor cell lines Foreign Patent(s) Pending
I found this when looking up data from Dr. Chens Paper It looks like they are running with the DCA find but adding a few goodies in order to get ...
oracle Jun-24-07 00:50 AM
by oracle
0 1602  
Funding for DCA clinical trials
Greetings All, I have made my own small effort to raise awareness of the potential of DCA and now I could use your help. In Feb. I contacted t...
gmacdonald Jun-01-07 02:01 PM
by gmacdonald
0 1307  
Lung cancer stage 4
Were are clinical traials being held presently? My father has a stage 4 lung cancer. Are there some people out there who have used DCA and recovered...
nancy p May-27-07 04:10 AM
by Sandra
1 1989  
This study is currently recruiting patients.
Phase II Pilot Randomized Study of Sodium Dichloroacetate in Patients With Congenital Lactic Acidemia This study is currently recruiting pa...
DCA News Mar-25-07 01:25 AM
by DCA News
6 1782  
Cancer drug trials in doubt WHAT???? Quote: People posting ...
DCA News Mar-24-07 01:56 AM
by Sandra
2 1680  
Funding of clinical trials
I have read something that I find rather strange: %...
Steven Mar-24-07 08:32 AM
by DCA News
1 1450  
Hello all, I want to cast some hope about trials in the US. In the mean time all of you keep on your doctors to apply to the ...
"Z"-RN in IN Feb-27-07 07:59 AM
by James Lester
1 1510  






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