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Conferences DCA In The News
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DCA and Radiation Effect Complete Long Term Remission o
Recently Medicor Cancer Centres released a journal paper demonstrating an impressive result. DCA in conjunction with radiation led to a long term (...
mwiner Nov-07-12 02:09 AM
by mwiner
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Another drug - 3-bromopyruvate
this article appeared in the NY Times;
Bryan Nov-02-10 03:44 PM
by dimitrisk
6 3349  
Total remission with DCA
Total remission with DCA
robmx Sep-16-10 01:58 AM
by robmx
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DCA Angel
Fake cancer patient raises money for DCA
robmx Aug-05-10 01:07 AM
by robmx
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U of A Website Update
DCA Research Team publishes results of Clinical Trials May 12, 2010 Edmonton, AB - Medical Researchers at the University of ...
Sandramoderator May-26-10 11:39 AM
by joeyooser
6 1660  
DCA and Colon Cancer news
Seems to confirm my experience so far.
robmx May-22-10 00:07 AM
by robmx
0 824  
Simple, cheap drug holds cancer treatment promise News Staff Date: Wed. May. 12 2010 2:17 PM ET An inexpensive drug already in use for other diseases might hold the ke...
air3d44 May-12-10 11:04 AM
by air3d44
0 876  
A new combination of Cisplatin and DCA called Mitaplatin was announced today.
robmx Dec-08-09 08:38 PM
by dimitrisk
1 1461  
Family Seeks Criminal Charges In St. Paul's Hospital De
Family Seeks Criminal Charges In St. Paul's Hospital Death source:
crono5 Feb-10-09 06:57 PM
by crono5
1 1405  
Inspirational "Last Lecture" by dying professor
Dr. Randy Pausch, in the end game with pancreatic cancer, delivers an inspirational "Last Lecture" to 400 students and faculty at Carnegie Mel...
parachuteadmin Jul-27-08 03:36 AM
by monty
6 2024  
Article in the telegraph
It appears that the following article appeared in the British paper the Telegraph today.
Dave Apr-29-08 07:56 PM
by Sandra
5 1245  
BBC Article on Cancer Glycolysis Mentions DCA
A nice little article from the BBC on some recent UK research into cancer glycolysis mentions DCA as a possible solution. Hopefully this means UK rese...
jwil Mar-28-08 05:44 AM
by jwil
0 1118  
The Rutherford Show (radio) Edmonton
Jim Tassano has been invited to be interviewed LIVE on 'The Rutherford Show'. It will be airing Monday morning from 9 til noon, AM630 CHED. I b...
Sandramoderator Mar-26-08 00:14 AM
by dimitrisk
8 2769  
DCA & Biotech in Denver Colorado
[Quoting the article:] Newell’s research is centered on cancer treatment. She found that dichloroacetate, a chemical compound,...
parachuteadmin Jan-20-08 06:36 PM
by Sandra
1 1507  
oracle Oct-09-07 06:47 AM
by oracle
0 1120  
Great story on DCA If volunteers were to organize this kind of grassroots eff...
parachuteadmin Oct-09-07 10:49 PM
by oracle
1 1488  
Global National News about DCA clinical trial
Click on "Tumour Shrinking Drug?" at the bottom left or watch the 5:30 news (first few minutes)
homes99 Sep-27-07 02:00 AM
by homes99
0 1849  
DCA on YouTube
I found this on YouTube and didn't see it posted yet.
Baud300 Sep-25-07 10:16 PM
by Baud300
0 1824  
Idea Sharing and Cancer Research (WSJ)
A new incentive to create an "Open Source" atmosphere in cancer research! Excerpt from Wall Street Journal article below, with a few links :...
parachuteadmin Sep-18-07 04:49 PM
by parachute
0 1111  
New Scientist, Op 8/15/2007 (photo!) Enjoy the story! And the photo of Jim, his wife Ilene, and Joe (the chemi...
adminadmin Sep-11-07 11:52 PM
by admin
1 1333  
Medicor has posted PDFs on patient responses
Here is the link: The Dr. says the drug is a cancer-controlling dr...
oracle Aug-13-07 02:50 AM
by oracle
0 1343  
DCA in the News Again - Union YES!!...
oracle Aug-08-07 04:27 AM
by admin
1 1305  
newspaper article
I'm the health reporter with the Edmonton Journal. I've been keeping track of DCA discussions since January, since the main researcher of the C...
Jodie Aug-07-07 06:37 PM
by admin
30 4093  
Video Broadcast our DCA work on this site YOUTUBE
See this for yoruself we are going to start a video and I think our site should maybe manage these video's - wow this is very very cool. ...
oracle Jul-26-07 02:47 AM
by oracle
2 1316  
This is someone on our site - In The News 3/28/07
This mght be the article that made the FDA aware of this site but I am not sure. I can say GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS DR. BURGH for s...
oracle Jul-09-07 01:08 AM
by oracle
2 1794  
Patents Over Patients - New York Times April 1, 2007 Op-Ed Contributor Pate...
parachuteadmin Jul-02-07 06:04 AM
by Jim
7 2164  
National Review of Medicine article
Clinic prescribes untested cancer 'cure' Toronto MDs' off-label DCA use puts patients, research at risk: experts %0...
Sandramoderator Jun-26-07 05:48 PM
by rtshinn
1 1089  
Interview Dr. Khan of Medicor Clinic
Dr. Khan was a guest on the Rutherford Show. Medicor Clinic is the first to publically go on record that they are prescribing DCA to cancer patients ...
Sandramoderator Jun-06-07 08:58 PM
by homes99
7 3996  
Globe & Mail
Worth reading the whole article, so I'm not going to post an excerpt.
Sandramoderator Jun-02-07 06:56 PM
by Sandra
0 1574  
acs swinging voter Trichloroethylene and Sodium or Potas...
JohnL May-26-07 09:29 PM
by JohnL
0 1529  
Edmonton Journal - Doctors prescribe DCA
Doctors prescribe DCA to cancer patients EDMONTON - A private cancer centre in Toronto is selling itself as the first in Canada to prescrib...
Sandramoderator May-26-07 01:26 PM
by Sandra
7 1612  
interesting ...
JohnL May-21-07 10:40 AM
by rtshinn
1 1206  
CBC Radio Show - 'The Current'
"Researchers at the University of Alberta are waiting for approval from Health Canada - to conduct such (DCA) trials. But that's not stopping ...
Sandramoderator May-10-07 02:19 AM
by Sandra
0 1263  
YL Country's DCA live conversation
YL Country's Dan Mody (Northern Alberta, Canada), had the pleasure of a conversation with Doctor Michelakis, who is heading up the DCA res...
MarkW Apr-30-07 11:56 PM
by MarkW
1 1515  
Pet News
Guest Apr-27-07 00:18 AM
by fuzzymum
2 1371  
DCA in Nature
Mostly experts slamming people who do it on their own:
prime3end Apr-21-07 00:07 AM
by Prime3end
4 1637  
BBC News - Cheap molecule may attack tumours
"A cheaply-produced molecule may be the key to treating a variety of cancers, claim Canadian researchers."
Sandramoderator Apr-21-07 05:46 AM
by Sandra
0 1350  
Tuesday January 23, 3:33 pm ET DCA Drug Development Company, CardioMetabolics Inc., Enc...
DCA News Apr-16-07 02:17 AM
by Informed
1 1703  
A strongly-worded letter to New Scientist
Some visitors may not know, but New Scientist has been interfering in the availability of DCA. Below is a letter I've sent to them, viat the '...
markoos Apr-05-07 01:24 PM
by Sandra
5 3225  
Synopsis by Cancer Research UK
Conservative but factual, balanced presentation. Deduct points for statement "desperate cancer patients will try anything" but otherwise a good ...
parachuteadmin Apr-02-07 05:53 PM
by Sandra
1 1500  
Desperate cancer patients scrabble for untested drug! ...
RJason Apr-01-07 04:02 AM
by Sandra
1 1521  
New Scientist Article
New Scientist Article %0...
Sandramoderator Apr-01-07 05:20 AM
by RJason
5 1569  
DCA in UK Daily Telegraph
Fairly neutral article on DCA in national british newspaper today, see
Michael Mar-29-07 12:26 PM
by rtshinn
2 1466  
Canadian Cancer Society - Issues Watch
Canadian Cancer Society posts DCA issues watch.,3182,3172_30513490__la...
Chris Mar-29-07 10:30 PM
by prime3end
2 1731  
March 21, 2007
Interesting article and an opinion on how self medicating could hurt clinical trials; Published: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 | 8:23 PM ...
RJason Mar-29-07 10:55 PM
by prime3end
2 1567  
I am a reporter in Adelaide, Australia and am interested in talking with people from Australia and more specifically South Australia about DCA. ...
Kim Mar-29-07 01:27 AM
by prime3end
1 1515  
DCA / Cardiometabolics / University of Alberta
CMI press release - January 2007 ...
Chris Mar-27-07 11:54 PM
by Chris
0 1655  
Articles this Past weekend in Edmonton Journal??
Does anyone have a comment on the articles in Edmonton Journal from this weekend? There is a reference to this site , wich may cause more peo...
Pavette Mar-27-07 03:40 PM
10 1669  
DCA in the news
An Edmonton pharmacy that was filling prescriptions for DCA has since stopped, and the Alberta College of Pharmacists is keeping a close eye o...
DCA News Mar-26-07 01:20 AM
by Sandra
13 2918  
Tuesday January 23, 3:33 pm ET DCA Drug Development Company, CardioMetabolics Inc., Enc...
DCA News Mar-24-07 02:17 AM
by DCA News
0 1048  
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