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How to administer DCA?
Sorry for my bad English (online translation). DCA I want to give my mother suffering from cancer with metastases (enlarged lymph nodes i...
angel1953 Nov-15-11 09:13 AM
by franky 123
1 1039  
Gleason 6 prostate cancer
My best cousin, age 75, has prostate cancer Gleason 6 with bone metas. He was diagnosed in January 2010. His ongologist has prescribed ...
mariavassilis Sep-19-10 02:09 PM
by parachute
1 1533  
Breast cancer, chemotherapy & DCA
I am new here. It is about my sister with breast cancer stage IV with bone and liver metas. She had her mastectomy in October 2008, and yesterd...
mariavassilis Jan-19-09 01:12 PM
by Sandra
12 2339  
DCA - side effects
Hi I am just knew to all this. I started DCA about 3 months ago and approx. 2 weeks ago noticed toes and fingers numb/tingly. Finally decided it mig...
Shep Aug-30-07 05:19 PM
by goldenwings
4 2136  
how to find mail box?
Where do I go to find my mail box and people that want to add me as a buddy?...
goldenwings Aug-21-07 03:25 AM
by goldenwings
2 1338  
html and archive possibilities?
Does this forum support html? This would be helpful to highlite key statements of an article or post. The other question is archive possi...
RJason Apr-14-07 02:34 PM
by RJason
3 1649  
Why is my message gone/moved?
I may move messages if I think they are more appropriate for another discussion thread. Heather, Forum Moderator...
adminadmin Apr-05-07 04:53 PM
by admin
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